You’re not a graphic designer, and you probably won’t switch careers after this workshop. But you make decks, resumes, and other things, and you’d love to have more basic design knowledge at your disposal when you do.

You’re not a graphic designer, but you work with them on projects, and you’d like some insight into improving your collaboration, communication, and results.

You’re not a graphic designer, but you want to learn a bit more about design history and typography, and to engage in some hands-on, analog fun.

In this workshop, we’ll take a whirlwind tour through some highlights of design history, and cover basics of typography and composition. You’ll learn important dos & don’ts, along with a few obscure facts you can use at parties.

We’ll also discuss successful design collaboration, how to most usefully evaluate design work, and how to engage in constructive critique.

As we go, we’ll engage in a series of hands-on, analog exercises to practice the above concepts and unlimber your creativity.