Join Sunni Brown for a hands-on, interactive experience designed to unlock your native capacity to create and apply visual language for better thinking and faster problem-solving. Based on a book featured in The New York Times, Fast Company and Oprah called The Doodle Revolution, this session will take you all the way from the basics of visual language to a more sophisticated form of applied visual thinking. Use infodoodling to tackle messy challenges, get relevant insights without serious heavy lifting, and whistle while we do the "work" together. Non-artists are not only welcomed but will probably get a hug for showing up.

What's in it for you: 

  • Liberating and instinctive visual tools to elevate cognitive performance (with the science to back it up!)
  • Effective practices for visually mapping complex problems
  • Applied visual thinking, gaming and infodoodle techniques to cut sticky problems down to size