Storyboarding converts the brainstorming whirlwind of notes into a real product direction, and in turn provides a vision that your team can return to throughout the design and development process. In this workshop you’ll how to put your ideas in the context of user needs through storyboarding.

Exploring product ideas with stories bridges silos between your teams and gets you communicating by using collaborative methods to define product direction. By crafting a story together, every member of your team is focused on building a single, cohesive product. You’ll learn about the components of an excellent storyboard and how those elements impact interface design.

Persuade your managers and clients to champion user-centered products by channeling the power of stories. From childhood we’re wired to remember and think in story structure. In this workshop you’ll get examples of how to harness this ingrained skill by presenting your product concepts in the form of stories and storyboards.

Destroy zombie ideas, the ones without a brain or beating heart. Zombies eat resources and sap your team’s time, energy, and commitment. Your storyboards will drive a product’s structure and flow, saving time by focusing on ideas that provide value to your users.