This full-day, hands-on workshop introduces UX and IxD practitioners (and their clients) a chance to expand their methodological toolbox with service design blueprinting—a powerful approach for designing and developing multi-channel experiences. If you have done your insights research and developed customer journeys, service blueprinting will help you align those desired journeys with the multiple delivery channels, touchpoints, backstage services and business goals required to deliver them. Blueprints have a simple structure, but many possibilities. They can be used for analysis, ideation, mapping and measurement and can expanded or connected to other documents, such as design specifications or the business model canvas.

Grouped into small teams, you will develop a service from initial concept and expand it across the service ecosystem using the blueprint as a scaffold for your ideas. Working from detail to big picture and back again, these ideas will be developed into a coherent service proposition. Each group will end the day producing a sketched storyboard scenario and pitch of the service in action.