For many UX designers, what developers do tends to be of a black box. You collaborate with them on figuring out a design and then they go off and do...something. Maybe you have a general idea of how developers work, but unless you actually are a developer, that’s usually about it.

In this session, we’ll uncover some of the costs in not understanding developer practices generally and their perspective on UX design specifically. Then, through a number of activities, we’ll explore three development practices from which UX designers can benefit greatly: Writing Pseudo Code, Test-Driven Development, and taking a developer-centered approach to designing Minimum Viable Products.

Time allowing, we’ll also touch on other common development practices UX designers can benefit from understanding, including Pair Programming, Refactoring and Continuous Integration.

After having completed this session, you’ll have an improved understanding of how developers think about and approach UX design, and be able to leverage that understanding toward a more effective UX practice.