In this workshop, you and your team will redesign an existing website to be more elegant, more usable, easier to maintain…and responsive. All in a day’s work(shop). Sophia will be your guide, but you will make it happen.

This is not a workshop on UX theory or technical execution. These realms are well covered in other workshops and the internet. Instead we will focus on the UX side of Getting Things Done. How do we UXers execute on our responsibilities in a RWD world? We will discuss efficiency, simplicity, prioritization, smart iteration and, Sophia’s personal favorite, modular design.

Pre-Req: You should know the basic concepts behind responsive design. If you are not familiar with RWD, spend an hour or two with Google and you should be up to speed.

Software: In conjunction with paper, pen and the requisite tower of sticky-notes, we will be using mind-mapping and prototyping software. Sophia will be demoing in Mindmeister and Axure, but any similar tools will work. Your mind-mapping tool just needs to have some rich text editing, and your prototyping tool needs the ability to create easily reusable "master" objects. So bring your laptops and your power cords.

(FYI: Mindmeister has a free basic account and Axure has a free 30 day trial.)