UX Week 2013 | Fawn Ellis | Me, You and Them: Designing Interactions for Healthy Relationships

In 1925 architect and designer, Le Corbusier, laid the foundation for modern design by making a call for humans and products to live proportionally and harmoniously. Sounds good right? He stated that design should act as extensions of our limbs, but he also proclaimed, “the human-limb object is a docile servant. A good servant is discreet and self-effacing in order to leave his master free.” While today, we don’t talk in masters and servants, 88 years later this paradigm still persists in our relationships with technology— technology has taken on the role of master while we have become the servants. What does the future of human-to-technology relationships look like? What can we do right now in interaction design to begin the journey towards healthy relationships with our software, apps and websites?

Fawn Ellis, Lead Experience Designer at Adaptive Path, will answer some of these relational questions through the lens of social science. She will explain what it takes to create and maintain healthy relationships between humans and how this can be adapted to technology and digital products. She will also pinpoint relational qualities which just haven’t been designed for yet. Find out which ones are still needed and thus open the door for future innovations.

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UX Week 2013 | Sarah B. Nelson | Working the Edge, Leading Change Gracefully

Radically Human sits at the intersection of user experience practice and organizational design, coaching leaders and teams to produce useful and profitable products and services. Sarah is a popular speaker at design and UX conferences where she conducts workshops on cultivating a human-centered mindset, design facilitation, emotional literacy in creative leadership, organization design, creativity/design practice, and the intersection of business and design strategy.

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UX Week 2013 | Marisa Gallagher | Keynote

Marisa Gallagher is the Vice President of Design for CNN Digital. Joining CNN in September, 2010, Gallagher is based in CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta and reports to KC Estenson, senior vice president and general manager of CNN Digital.

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UX Week 2013 | Tom Rockwell | Content, Design and Pedagogy

This spring the Exploratorium, a world-renowned museum of science, art and human perception, relocated from its home of over 40 years to a new location at Pier 15 on the San Francisco waterfront. The move was the culmination of over 10 years of planning, design, development, and installation.

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UX Week 2013 | Bill McIntyre | Patterns of Play and Interaction

Patterns of Play and Interaction Play is the work of childhood, and a lens through which we discover the world. Toy Inventor Bill McIntyre takes a look at essential play patterns from the world of toys and games and explores some ways to use these for building engaging, rewarding and (most importantly) fun interactive experiences.

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UX Week 2013 | Brenda Laurel | Keynote

Brenda Laurel has worked in interactive media since 1976 as a designer, researcher, writer and teacher. She served as professor and founding chair of the Graduate Program in Design at California College of the Arts from 2006 to 2012.

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UX Week 2013 | Don Carson | Attention to Detail – Designing for Theme Parks

Don Carson is a concept illustrator & designer working in the theme park and computer game industries. Don has worked as a Senior Show Designer for Walt Disney Imagineering art directing projects like Splash Mountain, Mickey’s Toontown, and Blizzard Beach.

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UX Week 2013 | Laurel Hechanova | Where Do You See Yourself?: Location as Identity

Europeans, US citizens, San Franciscans, Harajuku girls, West Point alumni, gym members, ex-pats, tourists, Sarasota retirees—from birthplace onward, we use locations to define ourselves and others. In turn, these geography-centric definitions allow us to repurpose maps into increasingly rich encyclopedias: intimate yet vast, historical and current.

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UX Week 2013 | Heather Gold | Nerd, Know Thyself

Thinking about emotion is like trying to learn how to ride a bike by reading a book. In order to really understand interactions between “users” (a/k/a people), you need to employ your own emotional awareness and emotional experience.

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UX Week 2013 | Rebecca Stockley | Visit Improv World Without Looking Like a Tourist

This talk takes us to Improv World, where the principles of improvisation enhance communication and personal creativity. While we’re visiting Improv World, we’ll live like the locals and practice listening, adapting, failing good-naturedly, accepting and building on ideas in collaboration with others.

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UX Week 2013| Ian Bogost | Fun

Lately, there’s a lot of interest in borrowing design techniques from game design. At worst, such approaches mistake games for Skinner Boxes, incentive dispensers that dole out rewards for attention.

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UX Week 2013 | Dan Klyn | Make Things Be Good: Five Essential Lessons from the Life and Work of Richard Saul Wurman

Beginning in 1962 at the age of 26 and continuing to the present day, Richard Saul Wurman has been extraordinarily prolific. He’s written, designed and published more books than most of us have read, and convened innumerable conferences and meetings.

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UX Week 2013 | Nathan Moody | Shallow, Short, and Sexy: The Value of Casual Interactions

Effective experiences are no longer about “stickiness,” or holding eyeballs for extended durations. This metric has been trumped by the advent of device-based interactions, where brief and emotionally-resonant moments can leave greater impressions than longer, more sustained interactions…as long as their impact belies their brevity.

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UX Week 2013 | Chris Risdon | Behavior Change as Value Proposition

Design to support behavior change is getting increased exposure as technology has allowed products and services to have a more pervasive role in people’s lives. What impact does the ability to passively collect data and present it back in a meaningful way have in people’s lives? We are interacting with this data of our everyday lives in new ways.

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UX Week 2013 | Jason Kunesh | Rules of Thumb for Design Chicanery from Obama for America HQ

Being the first person in history to represent the craft of user experience on a US Presidential campaign came with a unique set of challenges, goals, and innovative solutions. I’ll share best practices and methods that helped Obama for America build teams that produced winning social, mobile, e-commerce and in person experiences for all Americans.

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UX Week 2013 | Steven Johnson | Keynote

A practitioner as well as a theoretician, Steven Johnson is the leading light of today’s interdisciplinary, collaborative, open-mined approach to innovation. His writings have influenced everything from cutting-edge ideas in urban planning to the battle against 21st-century terrorism.

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UX Week 2013 | Paul Ford | How to Define, Measure, And Discuss Constraints

It’s an oft-repeated truism that creativity thrives upon constraints–that without limits, good creative work is impossible. Interaction architects, UX professionals, and interactive workers of all stripes work within constraints, of course–whether using wireframes or hacking Javascript.

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UX Week 2013 | Lane Halley | Agile and UX: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

Agile development has become a standard practice at many companies. Developers love Agile’s emphasis on code quality and sustainable pace.