Denise jacobs ux 2014
Keynote Speaker

Denise Jacobs

Founder and Chief Creativity Evangelist, The Creative Dose

Denise Jacobs is the Founder and Chief Creativity Evangelist of The Creative Dose, who teaches techniques to make the creative process more fluid and practices for sparking innovation. An industry veteran, Denise is the author of The CSS Detective Guide.

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Doug vakoch ux 2014 final

Doug Vakoch

Director of Interstellar Message Composition, SETI Institute

Doug Vakoch is the Director of Interstellar Message Composition at the SETI Institute, where he researches ways that different civilizations might create messages that could be transmitted across interstellar space.

Boon sheridan ux 2014

Boon Sheridan

Product Designer, NASDAQ OMX

Over the last twenty years Boon has had job titles like site producer, content specialist, information architect, interaction designer, user researcher, stage manager and voice-over actor.

Meara o'reilly ux 2014

Meara O'Reilly

Artist-in-residence, Exploratorium

Meara O'Reilly is an artist and educator with a focus on auditory perception. Her blog, Illusion Songs, is a collection of auditory illusions found in indigenous folk practices, popular music and scientific research.

Jjp uxweek16

Jesse James Garrett

Chief Creative Officer, Adaptive Path

Jesse, co-founder and chief creative officer of Adaptive Path, is one of the world's most widely recognized technology product designers.