How can you create an engaging user experience if you don’t know who your user is? That’s the challenge facing the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), which looks for signals from other civilizations, hoping to make first contact with a distant world. UX designers try to take into account their user’s feelings, motivations, and values. But if your user evolved independently on a planet circling another star—separated from you by trillions of miles—how can you anticipate their needs and desires? Dr. Doug Vakoch will explore how SETI scientists have attempted to do just that, as he describes the interstellar messages that humankind has already sent into space—messages about our math, our science, and even our sense of beauty. In addition, he will encourage all participants of UX Week 2014 to submit the messages they would want ET to receive through the SETI Institute’s internet-based project Earth Speaks.”